My ongoing jazz recording project

For years I have been enamoured with the duo album by Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden entitled ‘Beyond the Missouri Sky (short stories)’. I’ve embedded a video containing one of the pieces at the bottom of this post. Haden is one of my top three double bass influences (the other two are Dave Holland and Chris Wood), and I had the chance to see him play in May in London with Quartet West. What I appreciate so much about Haden is that he doesn’t overplay. His playing is mature, and he doesn’t have to overplay (Victor Wooten and Christian McBride, as much as I like both of you, I’m implicating you here). He needs the right notes and the right timbre. I like Metheny in many of his explorations, but this along with album length project ‘The Way Up‘ are my favorite.

This album has inspired me to write my own duo music. I have played duo gigs with guitarists (if you don’t already know, I’m a double bass player), and while they were great they did not fulfill my desire to do something inspired by Haden and Metheny. So, about two and a half years ago I decided to start a project where I composed and then recorded both the guitar and bass parts. My other inspiration was the impending birth of my first child. I ended up with three tracks, and you can listen to them below:

After I finished those three tracks, my attention (with a small child and several sound installations and finishing my Ph.D. thesis, not to mention other work) was directed elsewhere and I didn’t have the chance to get back to it. Now I have a second daughter and I owe her a few tracks, so I should get back to the studio soon! As I get recording and get some decent mixes I will post them up here.


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