He Who Has Ears: Music, Neuroscience, and Evolution, Parts 2 and 3

Well, this is way overdue, but here are the links to part 2 and part 3 of my posts on music and evolution on biologos.org. Part 2 deals with music and neuroscience, while part 3 explores the role of music in cultural evolution.

Here’s the summary of the final week from the site:

For the past two Sundays, Jeff Warren has described shortcomings in recent attempts to apply scientific techniques to the study of how music comes to have meaning. This week, Warren concludes the series by highlighting how scientific investigation and description can, indeed, help us understand meaning in music (both now and in the past), so long as investigators remember that interpersonal relationships and community are central to what makes us human every bit as much as is the neurobiology of individuals.


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